Thursday, March 22, 2012

A story that connects us all.

This. This is awesome:

I love all the BBC nature documentaries, and it's great to see them putting their footage together for a feature film. Apparently this came out last year in the UK, and while it is basically just recycling footage from earlier documentaries, I'd love to see it here in the US. What a moving tale.

Everything on Earth goes through a journey. Everything has a story to tell. And our stories are remarkably similar.

The things that bind us together on this planet are the same things that resonate in our hearts as fantastic story elements. That's good to keep in mind as an author. Plus, it can help with your story's moral compass.

If more people took the time to notice the world around them and the similarities we share with the tiniest ant, maybe we'd have more compassion for life beyond ourselves. Maybe Earth wouldn't be in so much trouble. Maybe we could tip the scales, and begin saving more creatures than we destroy. They are us, in a way, after all. We just need to see that.

It's not hard to make these connections between living things. And these connections make for a great story. If any author is looking for inspiration, do yourself a favor: sit down for a few moments somewhere out in nature. If that still doesn't do it, pop in a wildlife documentary. It's sure get your creative juices flowing.

Not sure which documentary to pick? For starters, you can't go wrong with any of the BBC ones. Planet Earth, Life, Blue Planet, Life of Birds, Life of Mammals, Life in the Undergrowth, Life in Cold Blood...the list goes on. David Attenborough is awesome at outlining some of the greatest stories on Earth.

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