Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pre-Conference: NESCBWI 2012

Here we go!

This will be my second year attending the annual NESCBWI conference, and I'm totally pumped. Especially for this year's theme: Keepin' It Real. (Dropped "g"/apostrophe addition mine. Just looks cooler that way.)

Reality is awesome, and it's great that it's getting attention this year. I mean, reality is where SCIENCE happens, so how can I not love it?

My goals for this year's conference:

1. To get over my fear of writing non-fiction and get comfortable with the idea that in my writing career, I can be both a fiction and non-fiction author. (Everyone under the sun wants me to write non-fiction, and the idea currently terrifies me.)

2. To learn more about the agent-author relationship and the road to publishing. (A road I hope to be on soon.)

3. To get solid critiques of both my query letter and first ten pages, so I can re-enter the agent hunt with more confidence. (I purposefully put querying on hiatus as the conference has grown closer. I'm eager to jump back into the waters.)

4. To get inspiration for my current project. (More than anything, I want the fantastical premise of my newest story to feel like it's firmly grounded in reality.)

5. Have a lot of silly fun with my fabulous SCBWI critique group. (Who's bringing the hummus?)

If last year is anything to go by, I'm positive all these goals will be reached. NESCBWI 2011 was amazingly helpful and gave me tons to think about. For NESCBWI 2012, I signed up for sessions that I believe both build upon last year's lessons and are also relevant to my current level of author "maturity". I want to make the most out of this weekend.

So here we go!

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