Sunday, June 17, 2012

Brainstorming and Organization

Now that I've had a chance to mess around with this blog for a couple of months, I have a much better sense of what I'd like to do with it.

First off, apologies that no new posts have been up in a while. Can I blame my awesome Californian vacation? No?

What if I showed you something adorable from my trip?

Yay elephant seals!

Now that you're distracted by cute, let's just gloss over my multi-week absence and move straight on to the important stuff:

Things are a'changin'!

As mentioned, I've got a better sense of what this blog is going to do, so it's time to add some structure.

First of all, name change. Rather than just calling this blog my default username and twitter name, PaleoPaws, I'm going to call it: Discoverific! Silly, yes, but also fun. Silly and fun is kind of how I roll, if you hadn't noticed. Please note: the actual web address HAS CHANGED to, just to keep everything tidy. Since I don't have a big following yet, I don't think this should be a big deal.

Second, design changes. My old blog layout wasn't quite what I wanted, but I found a new one that works great. What really sold me on the new design, though, was the chance to have DINOSAURS all over the top right-hand corner.

Third, posting changes. In an attempt to keep this blog regularly updated, posts will now fall into one of three categories (with the odd exception, of course):

1. Science Inspires!

These posts will focus on how science gets people going creatively. This can be cool art stuff, posts about incorporating science into writing, neat new science media, or social/environmental/educational movements. Example: the post that gave this category its name.

2. Katie Blathers On!

These posts will be more in-depth, essay-style posts, where my goal is to teach my readers something cool or get readers thinking about something around them in a new way. Example: my Part of the Family blog series.

3. Weekly Science Round-Up!

As the name implies, this will be a post highlighting some of the coolest new science discoveries and developments from the past week. No example post yet, because I've yet to actually make such a post!

So there you have it. Three basic categories.

Generally speaking, they'll be posted in order each week. Early in the week (Monday-ish) you'll likely see a Science Inspires! post, mid-week will be a Blathers On! post, and by the weekend I'll post a Round-Up. Some weeks certain posts will be skipped, I'm sure, depending on what's happening in my real life. Other weeks, there might be posts that fall outside these categories. This really is just a way to guide myself in relationship to this blog, rather than a set of hard and fast rules.

Finally, since I am an aspiring children's book author, many posts will continue to touch upon things that I feel matter both to children and to the writing community. And every now and again, you might get some insight into where I am in the process of finding an agent for my middle grade environmental adventure story, or how my new "kids in space" novel is coming along.

Thanks for reading!

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