Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What the...I have to push buttons to turn the page?!

My sister visited over the weekend and gave me a Sony e-Reader. She got it years ago at some function, and only used it once. So she gave it to me, seeing as I'm the reader/author of the family.

I've held out on getting any sort of e-book reading device since they first started coming out with them. I'm just too addicted to the "real" thing...the feel of a real book in my hands. However, I will admit, this is likely because of the emotional significance books had for me growing up. After all, stories are stories, no matter where the words are written, or what they're written on. Plus, I'm all about advancing technology, and it's been ages since the "book" got a real upgrade.

So...with that in mind...

I guess I should give this e-reader thing a try.

(Cue inner-me kicking and screaming.)

Anyone else have experiences to share about trying out your first e-book?


  1. I like books. But I also liked music tapes once upon a time. But still. I like books (for now...).

    1. Yeah, I get the feeling this may be my first true moment of "old crotchetiness" concerning new-fangled technology...grumblegrumble...

      But who knows? Maybe after I try to use it a few times, I'll become an addict and never looks back.